Steph Auteri is a New Jersey-based writer and editor who has written about women’s health and sexuality for the Atlantic, VICE, Pacific Standard, Salon, Undark, and other publications. She is also the author of A Dirty Word, the memoir of how she threw herself into sex writing in order to cure herself of what she saw as her sexual dysfunction, eventually realizing she wasn’t broken. At the same time, it is an exploration of the ways in which our culture has co-opted female sexuality.

On top of her book and her journalism work, she is an editor for Simplemost and a blogger for Book Riot.

And while her work is her life, she’s also a mom, a cat lady, a book nerd, and a certified yoga instructor. Feel free to stalk her on both Twitter and Instagram for cat pics, bookish nerdery, and more. She also has a Facebook author page, and a delightful Tiny Letter called Thunder Thighs.