Book Clubs

Since social distancing measures were first implemented, I’ve found myself in three (!) different virtual book clubs. Now more than ever, remaining connected to your community is essential. And I love that the bookish community is so strong.

If you’re in a book club and you’d like to read A DIRTY WORD, I’d love to drop in and chat about female sexuality, sex ed, and all of that other fun stuff. We can talk over Zoom, Skype… whatever works for you! To request a virtual author visit, drop me a line over at my contact page.

And if you’re in New Jersey and would like to ask about the possibility of me doing an in-person visit, let me know! We’ll see if we can make it work. I love to bring baked goods!

Either way, book clubs who invite me to participate will receive a free book club packet filled with signed bookplates, bookmarks, and STICKERS! (People seem to love the stickers. ;))

Also, if you are an organization in the NJ/NYC area planning an event on female sexuality or sex education or, hell, utilizing sex-positive parenting in order to raise a child in this crazy world, please do contact me.

The most fulfilling aspect of this whole book thing has been the opportunities I’ve been given to share resources and stories with those who maybe didn’t have access to them before. I’d love to share with your students or with your members or with WHOMEVER!

And if you’re not quite ready to invite me into your home or place of business yet because you’re afraid I’m some wild lunatic or just a weirdo (fair), consider signing up for Thunder Thighs, a monthly email newsletter that contains news roundups, info on my latest events and publications, and also everything else that’s keeping me sane these days.

Animated gifs conveying my emotions may or may not be involved.


Oh! And whether or not you want me to pop in on your book club meeting, I wanted to share this handy-dandy book club discussion guide and author Q+A.

Thanks to everyone who has given this book of mine some love.