A selection of my favorite pieces:

  • As someone who’s been writing about sex for over 10 years now, it’s an honor to be working as the senior writer/editor for AASECT, a nonprofit organization for sexual health professionals. I manage and create their online content on an ongoing basis.
  • I love that I get to nerd out about books and writing on a regular basis for the Ploughshares blog. Here, my very first post on how to bulk up your TBR list.
  • I love Book Riot because it’s the type of site where I can totally nerd out over books and general bookishness. They were kind enough to let me write a piece for them on how I grew up reading horror.
  • Income disparity among couples is a hot-button issue for me. Here’s an essay I wrote about the topic for Virginia Quarterly Review… my very first lit mag clip!
  • Good In Bed is a sex education site founded by Ian Kerner, the author of She Comes First. My first project for the site? An ebook called 52 Weeks of Amazing Sex, co-authored with Kerner himself.
  • I’m not a parent — yet — but I did have the pleasure of writing about the awkwardness of babymaking sex for Babble. Click through for more than you ever wanted to know about my attempts to get pregnant.
  • howaboutwe is a dating site with one cool concept: meet people based upon compatible date ideas. They have a blog as well, The Date Report, for which I write a weekly sex column. Here’s a post on how my husband married a sex writer.
  • I’m a struggling artist. My husband is a well-paid web developer. The topic of our income disparity — and the skewed power dynamic it creates — is a topic I keep coming back to. Here’s the piece I wrote for LearnVest. (The commenters hate me. They really hate me.)
  • I was an Assistant Editor at YourTango, and wrote a lot for them during my time there. One of my favorite pieces is “How I’m Saving Our Marriage,” a personal essay I wrote after my husband suggested a trial separation.
  • As I’ve made my way through a 200-hour yoga teacher training program, I’ve found myself wanting to write less about sex and more about the new passion in my life. Here’s my elephant journal piece on how yoga has helped me love my body… sometimes.
  • I’ve written several pieces for The Frisky, but feel as if my sex column — Sex with Steph — deserves its own space. After all, who knows the next time I’ll have my very own (super sexy) logo? Sex With Steph was an advice column in which I answered questions about sex toys, swinging, sexual dysfunction, disabilities, and more.
  • It’s not just sex and relationships up in here. When I’m not doing the sex writing thing, I’m a career coach who also generates biz-related content. This piece is on creating a personal marketing plan.
  • In fact, my affiliation with the YEC has afforded me some great business writing opportunities. This piece for Business Insider gave me the chance to share what I’ve learned as an entrepreneur.
  • In “Sex Play for Prudes,” I had the pleasure of chatting with some New Yorkers who were working hard to demystify sex for the perpetually, sexually shy.
  • Out of everything I’ve written, the piece I wrote for Inside Jersey — on wine spots throughout the state — was the most fun to research. Over the course of several months, my husband and I hit up every single winery in NJ, and checked out wine bars, upscale restaurants, and wine shops. We even made our own Cabernet Franc!
  • I wrote a good number of pieces for Nerve when I worked there as an editorial intern, and also led a products blog on the site. But the piece I’m most proud of is “Pulling It Off,” a personal essay on body/intimacy issues, and being painted in the nude.
  • Long before I ever had my sex column with The Frisky, I wrote several, one-off pieces for them. One of them? A fun piece on how sex parties helped me overcome my intimacy issues.
  • What you may not know about me, considering my roles as sex writer and career coach, is that I’m also a hardcore cat lady. Over at Petside, I got the chance to indulge this particular part of me with a piece about raising pets… and how my abilities there might predict my abilities as an eventual parent.