• I copy edited/proofread Sam Apple’s American Parent, a journalism/memoir hybrid about becoming a parent, published by Ballantine Books.
  • I worked closely with the teams at both Good In Bed and Pure Romance to put together this ebook about intimacy after a cancer diagnosis. It remains a project I’m particularly proud of.
  • I’ve always been a fan of sex educator Logan Levkoff’s work, so I was thrilled for the chance to work with her. I copy edited this ebook on the right way to get your wife to sleep with you (a book I feel every woman should share with her partner).
  • I was nervous going in to Vogue, but I actually enjoyed proofreading their new iPhone app: Stylist.
  • I spent a year at the New York Sun as their on-site copy editor/proofreader.
  • I proofread a new ESL textbook being published by Oxford University Press.
  • I spent a month on-site at Haband, proofreading catalog and direct-mail copy.
  • I spent a year at the Pennington Post, as their in-house Copy Editor.