All the Things Emily Puts in Her Mouth Instead of Her Puffs

  Today, for the first time ever, Emily successfully picked up a Puff, placed it in her mouth, chewed on it for a bit, and swallowed. I promptly lost my shit and Gchatted Michael in all caps OH MY GOD SHE JUST DID IT SUCCESSFULLY WITHOUT MY HELP SHE PICKED UP A PUFF AND BROUGHT IT […]

Yoga as a Path to Healing

It amazes me all the ways there are for yoga to heal us. My practice has shown me this again and again, from the time I first came to it, grappling with both infertility and a rough spot in my marriage, and on through the years as it taught me lessons in positive body image and gratitude and […]

Peeling Back the Layers

This past weekend, I taught the first class in a three-week restorative yoga series. Our focus for week one? Meditation techniques. So we gazed into the sri yantra. We played singing bowls and Tibetan hand cymbals. We created a sea of oms that lasted for five minutes. I talked them through a loving-kindness meditation and through some breathing exercises. […]

Life Doesn’t Have To Be All or Nothing

Several months ago, I wrote about having to spend money to make money teaching yoga. The piece revealed nearly as much about my uncontrollable materialism as it did about the necessary costs involved in becoming a yoga teacher, but I was still intrigued when I saw a later piece pop up on the site: “Spiritually Bankrupt: How […]

Childcare Dilemma: Does My Daughter Deserve More Than I Have To Give?

For the past six months, I have struggled with the question of whether or not to pay for childcare. I was dead set against it at first, not wanting to spend money I felt I didn’t have. For the past seven years, I had worked my ass off to get to a place in my freelance […]

Why I Embrace the Type B Yogi Inside of Me

Those of you who know my yoga practice know that my two favorite poses out of all the yoga poses that exist in the world are pigeon pose and legs up the wall. I am also partial to supported bridge pose (out of all the backbends one can choose from) and anything else that can […]

How To Know When To Shut Your Damn Mouth

I feel as if I opened a Pandora’s Box with my recent post about not wanting a second child. When it pubbed, it kicked off a flurry of discussion on Facebook. An old friend texted me to say him and his wife felt the same way. And after class at my local yoga studio, my friend Kim […]

Ringing Endorsements: Volume V

Life has been busy. When is it not? I’m just about six months into motherhood. Pureed foods are happening. Em wants to stand without yet knowing how to crawl. My yoga practice is coming back to me, and I can successfully do poses like eka pada koundinyasana again. Plus we just made our way through the holidays (well… […]

Feeling Gratitude for Pigeon Pose

A few days before Thanksgiving, I asked my students which yoga poses they were most thankful for. I wanted to build a class that managed to fit in everyone’s favorite poses, both to remind them of why they kept coming to their mats and to allow them to have an indulgent experience that was all […]

This Is My Yoga Body

The other month, I purchased a tank top emblazoned with the words “This Is My Yoga Body.” It was part of a campaign to raise money for the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, which develops body positive programming for yogis of all body types. This was a campaign I could really get behind, as I’m not one […]