When She Came Into Our Lives

It was the day after Dia de los Muertos when we found out about Emily. The night before, our home had been filled with people. The dining room table had been crowded with cookies and spinach balls and dips and more food than we could all ever finish. There were skeletons and skulls everywhere. Strands […]

Ringing Endorsements: Volume IV

It’s been quiet here on Mamaste. But that’s because I feel as if I have to save all my best stories for mom.me. Also: life. In addition to juggling eleventy-billion deadlines this past week, I spent the previous week preparing for our annual Dia de los Muertos party. And on top of that, I’ve spent hours […]

How Work Helped Me Beat Out the Baby Blues

I’ve always been the type of person who defines herself by her work. Even while on my honeymoon over seven years ago, I couldn’t resist checking in with my full-time job. Something about getting stuff done, doing good work, building my business, and receiving positive feedback gets me all fired up. If I don’t have […]

Ringing Endorsements, Volume III

Another week behind us, and I feel a tide is turning. Em has entered that “easy” stage, where she still can’t move anywhere of her own volition, but she can amuse herself for short stretches of time. I no longer have to have my boob out 24/7 and, slowly but surely, work is picking up. […]

Making Time for Inner Peace

Last year, inspired by the way in which yoga and meditation helped me manage my crazy, I designed a 1.5 Hours To Inner Peace workshop and taught it at my two regular studios. During the hour and a half, I guided students through several hip stretches to better prepare them for seated meditation, taught them different […]

10 Things I’m Afraid To Admit To Other Moms

I’ve led a charmed life. Not that there haven’t been some rough spots. There is the chronic depression and anxiety that’s been hanging around since my adolescence. There was the alcoholic, emotionally abusive boyfriend. There was that one job I was let go from (which I still feel bitter about). There was the time the […]

Ringing Endorsements: Volume II

This week has been a good one, aside from the fact that a lingering cold has settled into my chest, leaving me with a husky man voice that has made teaching yoga quite difficult. But beyond that, I’ve found myself getting back into the writing groove for the first time in awhile. For the first time […]

On Mom.Me —> Mom Plans, God Laughs

After typing up my two-page birth plan, I had five copies printed out on highlighter-green paper and laminated. After going over this plan with my “birthing companions” (my husband and my mother), these copies were placed in the suitcase I would be bringing to the hospital, so as to be handed out to hospital staff […]

My Daughter, The Con Artist

We had trouble putting Emily to bed last night. She got her usual pre-bedtime bath. Bottle. Burp. But at the end of this routine, her eyelids didn’t go droopy. Her arms didn’t go limp. Instead, she just fussed and fussed and fussed. Eventually, I took her upstairs anyway, at which point I fully expected her […]

Ringing Endorsements: Volume I

I thought I’d take some time every Friday to share with you the things I especially loved throughout the week. Things for moms. Things for word nerds. Things for yogis. Etc. Without further ado, my first installment of Ringing Endorsements: The Salinger Contract. By Adam Langer, The Salinger Contract is a fun, silly thriller whose main protagonist is… […]