My Daughter, The Con Artist

We had trouble putting Emily to bed last night. She got her usual pre-bedtime bath. Bottle. Burp. But at the end of this routine, her eyelids didn’t go droopy. Her arms didn’t go limp. Instead, she just fussed and fussed and fussed. Eventually, I took her upstairs anyway, at which point I fully expected her […]

Ringing Endorsements: Volume I

I thought I’d take some time every Friday to share with you the things I especially loved throughout the week. Things for moms. Things for word nerds. Things for yogis. Etc. Without further ado, my first installment of Ringing Endorsements: The Salinger Contract. By Adam Langer, The Salinger Contract is a fun, silly thriller whose main protagonist is… […]

These Boobs Belong To You, Babe

I never wanted to breastfeed. I know, I know. This is something I’ve always been wary of sharing. With those people who dared to pry, in fact–those in my breastfeeding and hypnobirthing classes, those in my new mom support groups, those veteran moms who are a part of my life–I’ve always just said, “I’m going to give […]

Does Not Work Well with Others, or: Why Freelancing Is Never What You Expect

Around the time I first joined Toastmasters, the club president gave a speech about leadership. In Toastmasters, members typically work their way through a Competent Communicator manual, and often neglect the other manual they receive upon signing up: the Competent Leadership manual. Our president spoke of the importance of working on leadership, and urged us all to start making [...]

How I Went From Being the “Vibrator Queen” to Being the Senior Writer of a Sexual Health Organization

Thirteen years ago, I set out for an interview at the Boston Phoenix. I was up for an editorial internship in their new media department and, upon my arrival, I was ushered into the private office of the man who would eventually become my supervisor. He sat before me, rifling through my clips and pointing out [...]

Will the World Spin Off Its Axis If I Take Time Off?

I don’t like taking time off. When I honeymooned with my husband in Mexico in the summer of 2007, I chastised him for bringing his laptop, then used it to periodically check in at work. When I went to Europe for two weeks this past summer, I was ready to come home after two days. [...]

Making a Plan for 2014… But Not Being Married to It

2013 was my lowest-income year since I first entered the publishing industry back in late 2004. I became disillusioned by the freelance writing game and stopped pitching. Stopped blogging. Stopped coaching. Stopped working on my manuscript. I flailed about for something new to do, but discarded each new option as the wrong one. I threw [...]

7 Things I Worry About as a Pregnant Sex Writer

Two months ago, I found out I was pregnant, and I immediately burst into tears. They were happy tears, because my husband and I had been trying for the past three and a half years. Not only that, but we’d been about to try a third round of IUI. Talk about dodging a bullet. That [...]

Can I Still Call Myself a Writer?

I’ve had plans to be a writer for the past 28 years. And for the past 28 years, I’ve done a pretty good job of achieving success in that endeavor. It started with published poetry and both lit mag and school newspaper involvement when I was a young twerp. Later on, I was an editor [...]

How To Be Open To All (the Right) Opportunities

Several weeks ago, I shadowed one of my OMies as she taught kids yoga as part of the Newark Yoga Movement. It seemed like a fantastic program. The children were adorable. My friend was brilliant. But in the end — remembering how ineffective I’d been when doing volunteer work with kids in the past — [...]